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CTS Bridges | Hardwood & Softwood Non-slip Hi-Grip Decking This unique Hi-Grip decking is manufactured in house by CTS and is ideal for areas of public use. It retains the natural beauty of timber whilst providing an effective non-slip surface that can be used year round.

Anti-slip decking | EXTERNAL WORKS Available in 6 colours: cost effective; ecologically sound; one grooved side and one plain - can be used either side uppermost; hidden fixing system in lateral ... Hi-Grip Plus timber decking. CTS Bridges. Hi-Grip Plus non-slip decking is a durable, safe and sustainable product for use on bridges, decking, ramps, steps and...

Pedestrian Bridge Surfaces - No Slipping! - Composite Advantage Mar 7, 2015 ... Learn about why the FiberSPAN non-slip wearing surface is a great material choice for bridge decking. ... We get all sorts of questions about composite pedestrian bridges and bridge decks. But one of the things we're ... These blends are widely available, easy to use and carry a relatively low price tag.

Boardwalk Construction to Avoid Slip and Fall Accidents - PermaTrak Jan 8, 2014 ... How can designers plan for boardwalk construction that minimizes the risk of slip and fall accidents? ... to prevent replacement plastic, composite wood boards or concrete sections from being used in the reconstruction efforts. composite decking slippery resized ... Anti-Slip Boardwalk Construction Materials.

Non-slip strips | creating-paths | pfa Bridges or boardwalks all need some sort of anti-slip treatment applied to their decking, and the paths at Battleby demonstrate a number of techniques. ... The non-slip strips would be more visually appealing in a countryside location, with the timber boards still visable. non-slip flat sheets. A cheap solution that will be more...

Sawn timber bridge | creating-paths | pfa A sawn timber bridge is assembled from the following components: timber beam and transom frame, timber decking and parapet. In between the handrail ... much will it cost? Depending on the span and width, the height of the bridge parapet and other factors like access, the sawn timber bridge may cost £5,000 - £15,000.

Wearing Surfaces for Timber Decks vehicle traffic. On timber bridges, a wearing surface is one of the most important components of the superstructure and serves two primary purposes. First, it provides a safe, smooth surface for vehicle traffic and improves the poor skid resistance of treated timber decks. Second, the wearing surface protects the deck from the...

Cluster Wooden Bridges include ideas for R&D-work as visual design of timber bridges, wood species, wood in combination with other ... environmental issues, using modified wood, life length, vandalism, stress-laminated bridge decks, full load road ...... Figure 13 Example of anti- slip decks and decks of aluminium, Photo: Anders Gustafsson.

Fiberglass antislip decking strips Archieven - Haagh Protection Fiberglass Antilsip Decking Strips are made of fiberglass-reinforced polyester containing a non-slip layer grain structure. These deck strips can be easily installed on wooden surfaces such as wooden decks, hardwood panels, scaffolding, stairs, platforms, galleries, walking decks, ramps, gangways or on a wooden bridge.

GripDeck Non-Slip Wood Decking · Anti Slip Timber Decking GripDeck is a highly effective slip-resistant timber decking solution which can be applied in-house to all Russwood timber decking products. ... Price. The price for decking fitted with GripDeck? starts from £41.99 per m2(for Scotlarch? decking), £60.67 per m2(for SILA decking) and £73.51 per m2(for Garapa decking).